Helping hospitals optimise their nursing and midwifery workforces.

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How Codello works

Our software connects a hospital's workforce together in three easy steps.
The nurse/midwife tells us the shift they want to swap from and all the shifts they’re able to swap to.
Then based on skill, availability, and preferred shifts we find the best nurse/midwife to swap with.
The swap then goes to a manager for approval and we take care of the rest.

Benefits to Hospitals

Lower Voluntary Absenteeism

With an easier way to swap, nurses take less unplanned leave, reducing unproductive labour costs.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Through unlocking workplace flexibility, nurses and midwives see an increase in their job satisfaction.

Reduced Turnover Rates

With growing nursing shortages, increasing the desirability of the job can drastically affect nursing turnover.

Improved Patient Experience

Research has shown a strong link between a consistent internal workforce and patient experience.

About Us

Codello was born from the insights taken from a post-graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne. Codello set out to discover the unique demands of the healthcare sector and understand the needs of shift working nurses and midwives and their managers.

It was discovered that more can be done to help support our nursing and midwifery workforces who are subject to demanding rotating work schedules. We are currently in the process of securing a pilot hospital and are teaming up with leading University of Melbourne academics to explore the widespread impacts our technology can have.

Lisa Stephenson

Healthcare Industry Liaison

Paul Lockwood

Technical Developer

Jaxon Hickey